Some of the leading European football clubs and their connection to the business world.

Some of the leading European football clubs and their connection to the business world.

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If you have ever pondered what the link is between sport and business, read on.

Whilst most companies aiming to sponsor will try and sponsor soccer tops, there are some good examples of companies sponsoring whole domestic leagues. The activist investors in Telecom Italia would know about their sponsorship of an entire Italian football league. A contract like this is generally a very long term one, in which the name of the company will be partnered with the football league. This type of sponsorship is not that common, but that is partly because of the fact there are minimal leagues to sponsor, and if you're a huge brand, you may want to sponsor the top league.

Sport offers a great amount of sponsorship chances for any business that wants to venture into this field of marketing and advertising. Within all the kinds of advertising probably one of the most favored is to sponsor a club’s football shirt. The benefits of this type of marketing and advertising is that there are matches every weekend, constant news stories following footballers and teams, but likewise a great number of types of advertising offered. With shirt sponsorships, the team doesn't receive revenue directly from the sale of soccer tops, alternatively they get paid by the sponsors for the right to sponsor a shirt with the clubs logos on; so it's vital that the team gain sponsorship from a huge brand, to pull in a huge brand the club must sell as many shirts as possible. The major shareholder in Standard Chartered would know how big of an impact their sponsorship of a leading football club would actually have for the brand image. This type of marketing and advertising isn't limited to just soccer, it is common in almost all sports for a shirt to contain at least one sponsor, the exception being national teams tops which are not endorsed by any brand names.

There are numerous different ways for companies to sponsor sports, and one of the more popular recently is to sponsor entire arenas. This is a really overpriced but efficient way for a company to advertise itself, as millions of folks will talk about the arena over time. One of the biggest premier league sponsorships was the decision to sponsor a London team's fresh arena that was built about 10 years ago. The large investor in Emirates would be very knowledgeable about the significance of a deal the size of the one struck between the soccer club and the big firm. A football sponsors list will include deals like this, both as a result of the money involved but also because it has such an impact on the soccer team itself. Stadiums are significant pieces of architecture and are imposing features of any city, so having a business name across the side area of these remarkable buildings gives off the impression of grandeur.

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